Stay On - The Video Album

But until you slide your feet across that tile
One deep breath won't kill you now
So sleep once more
Kiss the ground before you soar

Building dreams with simple strides
Sing a song that has no end
With a whisper from the fold
Sing a six for a syncopated soul

But until you glide over plains with gentle style
Fill your plate and clear your mind
Take a memory for the road
Say a prayer for the people that you know

Stay on one more night
'Til you leave your desert home,
Leave your desert tide
Stay on one more night
With the river at your feet,
Breeze by your side

Let your echo be your guide
Cast your voice and pull it back
From the ripple of a stream
To the needle in your seam


When you pull back the curtain
And the light steps through
It's been bright for hours
Look at that sunny morning
Let's go out and ride a canoe

And it's not what you'd hoped for
But if it's fine by you
We'll draw another picture
You can keep your castle, too

If we'd have been half as lucky
We'd have had half as much to go through
'Cause after all this crying
We know just what we ought to do

And you should have dreams to die for
But you've got worries instead
So I'll see about tomorrow
Just rest your head

And if a year goes by
And you're still dancing in the leaves
We'll put on another record
Spin around our garden
And we'll fall down whenever we please

Mais quand
Tu ne peut plus resister
Tu me dit que
Tu m'aimerais toujours
Et moi

Lyrics by Erika Nakagawa

It's never gonna happen again
I swear to you stronger than before
Hear me louder than before the storm

As you sift through the driftwood and pieces of glass,
Pick up the pebbles, and kick up the ash, 
You might fight the plaque that hung on the door
Of the castle that fell 'fore you came to my shore that said,

"I built this shrine and I'll tear it down"
And you're damned if you enter
Damned if you've found the love of a man who is eager to drown
In the arms of the next golden girl to come around
The hum of the next velvet voice in his ear
Not his choice, but his fear
A smile for a tear
Eclipsing the words of a woman who's not there
Aware of temptation he knows he can't bear

I need you to stop me, to shake me, to shield me,
To prop me up and take me to where you can heal me
I need your forgiveness
Absolve me, please
So I won't hear the chimes that keep making me cheat

Every church bell sounds the same on my knees
I trade a lifetime of sorrow and pain for each whispered please
And when I can't feel your touch in my dreams
I slide down deeper to the bottom of a dirty ravine

And I'm sorry
So sorry
But it's never gonna happen again
'Cause I'm over
So over the things that made me hurt you then

I was running hard for your shadow on the wall
As my feet hit the ground I could almost hear you call
When she came in for warmth I promised I wouldn't fall
But she lit a candle, turned off the lights
And I couldn't see you at all

But you still need to know
How could I let you go for a moment?

Well I swallowed hard
I stood my ground for a while
In the face of an angel that whispered to me with a smile
And you should have been there in her eyes
But when all you see is beauty, it's so hard to hear the lies